LED Light Modules

If you haven’t yet heard of LED modules, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on! Originally designed for use in advertising signage and channel letters, they are now equally at home in many other lighting applications, indoors and outdoors alike. As you probably know already, LED lighting technology is rapidly replacing the older incandescent and fluorescent forms of lighting due to its greater efficiency and longevity, and LED modules are no exception here. They’re versatile too! Because each module is connected by lead wiring, they are super easy to cut and re-connect making them suitable for pretty much any project. Read on to find out more about these lights and the wonderful benefits they provide.

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs for short, involve applying a voltage to a semiconductor material so that electrons are knocked loose from the surface of the material, in turn emitting particles of light energy known as ‘photons’. LEDs are basically a means of converting electrical energy into lights – which they do very well, having a far superior conversion efficiency to the older, incandescent and fluorescent forms of lighting out there. They also possess superior longevity, and in many cases are brighter as well. There are fewer environmental issues associated with their disposal as well. Due to their obvious benefits, LED lights are rapidly phasing out incandescent and fluorescent forms of lighting, both in domestic and commercial settings


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