LED Light Drivers

LEDs are continuing to gain market share and penetration into all aspects of lighting. Electrically LEDs are a p–n junction diode which has been constructed so that it emits light when a correct voltage is applied. Like every electronic system LEDs thus require power, however as a designer that which is readily and generally available never seems to quite match exactly what is needed. The solution is to ascertain the best way forward in developing a successful power design.

As explained by the Shockley ideal diode equation, net current flowing through the LED is sensitive to even small changes in applied voltages across the terminals. In order to prevent applied voltage swings from potentially generating excessively large currents across the LED the solution most often employed is to operate the LEDs using constant current power supplies. Readily available power sources, such as batteries are constant-voltage sources, thus there is a need to convert power (constant-voltage to constant-current) by means of an LED driver (LED power supply). Proper power design ensure that LEDs operate reliably over time and provide the best utilization of both optical power output and electrical power consumed. Low noise and stable current control help the designer control potential color shifting issues.

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