Ground Burried Lights

Buried ground lights can be used to illuminate the facade of your house or building. They are available in small LED right up to powerful 150w CDM-T flood lights to light up large trees in the garden. Also good as marker lights in the driveway. If being used as a driveway light we recommend the light fitting to take a minimum weight of 1.5 ton. There is such a big selection of ground lights you need to think about what you want them to do, for example if they are to be used as a marker light and not to actually up light anything then anything as low as a 1w LED would be fine, however if you are looking to up light a tree or building facade you would use a metal halide 35w to 150w, the front of a two storey house could use a 50w low voltage MR16 lamp. Make sure that you have the depth to mount the light fitting there are some that are very deep and some that are designed to fit in shallow void areas.

Please use a fully qualified NIC ,EIC approved electrical contractor that has previous experience of exterior lighting installations. All joints need to be made 100% watertight and we have a selection of waterproof jointing kits and enclosures on the web site. Copper grease should be used on all screws when fixing the top light fitting bezel to reduce corrosion.


Garden of Light

Solar Power Buried Light

Outdoor Ip67 Waterproof

Solar Light Buried Light