Down Light Round

However most halogen downlights that are used in homes are 50 watts. The watt is a measurement of power, and it is the same whether the lamp runs at 12 volts or 240volts. To give you some idea, the average lounge room needs approximately 6 halogen downlights to illuminate it, this translates to 300 watts!

Recessed lights in another term used for downlights since they are installed in hollow openings in the ceiling. … Halogen bulb is the most common light bulb used in down lights. but CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED bulbs are becoming popular since they are more energy efficient

LED Recessed Lighting. Light fixtures that are recessed in the ceiling to shine down on a space are called “downlights.” … Once the power is out to the room, it can take less than two minutes to install your new LED downlight.

BTG 4-inch E27


China High Quality Round

13W Flat Round LED